From the analysis of the financial situation to investment and financing strategies, from risk management to the training of internal resources, Quanta Finanza consulting services are entirely oriented towards improving corporate performance in all their aspects.

Through the backtesting methodology, Quanta Finanza carries out an analysis of the client company’s historical data, in order to test the cost structure and the validity of the management strategy adopted. Our consultants carry out stress tests to assess the company’s vulnerability to a particular economic and / or financial stress.

Quanta Finanza consultants are responsible for drafting the business plan, a document containing the planning of a company’s economic and financial activities in the medium term (from 1 to 3 to 5 years). Indispensable for requesting loans from banks and leasing companies and for searching for public and private investors and lenders, the business plan is accompanied by useful information to support the forecasts and subsequently analyze any deviations (market research, financial trends, analysis risk and regulatory assessments).

Montecarlo simulation
Through a series of mathematical techniques and numerical methods calculated on the calculation of probabilities and random processes (such as the Monte Carlo simulation), Quanta Finanza interprets the market trend for the reference sector. In this way, we can estimate the size of the VAR (Value At Risk) of company quantities and offer, for example, an analysis of the possible consequences for possible different liquidity tensions or decreases in turnover, provide useful suggestions and define the best strategies to deal with them.


Evaluation, identification and treatment of CORPORATE RISKS
Business risks are uncertain events that can achieve the achievement of objectives and create unexpected and often costly consequences. It therefore becomes essential to be able to continue to create value. Quanta Finanza deals with the mapping of corporate risks, through:
the assessment of possible conditions of uncertainty and related burdens, but also of any opportunities;
the identification of potential events and unattended areas;
risk management within limits considered acceptable.
All this to help the company deal with market uncertainties efficiently and effectively and assist it in designing new operating models for the future.

Quanta Finanza helps companies with in-depth business consultancy on crucial issues such as management control, margin analysis and optimal treasury management. A vision from above of the interdependencies between these three themes is fundamental for the success of the intervention and to heal situations of financial tension.
With a rigorous and precise management control, it is possible to:
situations of prevention of costly bank overruns;
avoid outstanding payments from customers;
regularly repay loan rates;
respect strategic planning and corporate objectives.
The analysis is carried out mainly in the company and often the consultancy is also realized with the creation of a dedicated management software.

CREDIT RISK (default risk, corporate rating)
After a careful accounting and budget analysis, it is possible to evaluate the reliability of the company by associating it with a score (rating). The higher its value, the better the chances of accessing loans, obtaining more favorable conditions from credit institutions (e.g. lower interest rates). Quanta Finanza works to improve the corporate rating and reduce credit risk, decreasing the company’s dependence on the banking sector.

Among the activities necessary to reduce corporate risks, Quanta Finanza is engaged in the construction of dynamic hedging strategies for financial portfolios and assets. With the development of a good hedging strategy it is possible to face any problems of fluctuation in the prices of raw materials, currencies, precious metals and this is essential if these assets constitute the main reference market of the client, or must be purchased, traded or sold. The company operates in the analysis of medium and long-term economic conditions, identifying growth and inflation dynamics and making cash flow forecasts. By restructuring the company’s financial position, it is possible to counterbalance any unfavorable trend in raw material prices and reduce the risk of losses and, in general, mitigate the “cost of risk”.

ASSET ALLOCATION through a management platform with market-neutral techniques
Through “market neutral” financial strategies (ie with the use of portfolios whose yield is independent from the market, precisely “neutral”), Quanta Finanza gives indications to entrepreneurs and investors on asset allocation, or on how to manage their money in efficiently. The consultancy is based on certified algorithms and on the ability of professionals to identify the most profitable, risk-controlled securities, predicting their performance with greater precision compared to the general market trend.

EVALUATION OF COMPANIES (company branches, M&A extraordinary finance operations)
Selling or buying an activity, a company branch or a part of the production chain is a very delicate operation. Quanta Finanza supports companies, helping them to evaluate all opportunities and to establish contracts and negotiations. The monitoring and verification of parameters such as balance sheet data, turnover and assets make it possible to obtain a precise estimate to check the best conditions in the case of inter-company transactions, joint ventures and agreements. The company offers ongoing assistance and intervenes alongside the client company to ensure the perfect success of mergers and acquisitions (M&A extraordinary finance) consistent with corporate objectives.

Determination of the EXCHANGE RATIO
To determine the amount of shares or stakes due to two or more companies involved in a merger or incorporation, it is good to rely on business economics experts. Our company deals with activities related to extraordinary finance and, specifically, with the determination of the exchange ratio. It is the result of estimates, calculations and evaluations and establishes how many shares of the newly formed company will be due to the shareholders of the “merged” companies, in relation to what they owned in the old company.

ACTUARIAL MODELS for the calculation of insurance premiums – Smart Contract
Quanta Finanza deals with the actuarial calculation of insurance premiums. Through financial and actuarial stochastic models and analysis tools, our experts are able to calculate pure premiums and reserves. Quanta Finanza is able to structure automatic compensation models and to build “smart contracts” for the risk management of consortia or associated companies.


Drafting and / or evaluation of STOCK OPTION plans
A stock option plan is a particular contract that allows listed and unlisted companies to assign shares or quotas of the company itself, by a certain date and at an affordable price (strike price), generally lower than the market price. The shares are sold to employees free of charge, as a form of variable pay, to incentivize them to increase productivity. Managers and executives are therefore pushed to work even more for the success of the company, to increase the value of the company and, consequently, of the shares / options in their possession.
They are experts in economics and markets, like the consultants of Quanta Finanza, who take care of the drafting of stock option plans. They establish, in agreement with the management and the Pay and Remuneration Committee and on the basis of analyzes and calculations, the number of stock options to be distributed, the unit amount of the shares, the purchase and expiry dates and the individual objectives that each employee will have to reach to access the plan, as well as the likelihood that the plan will be adhered to and to what extent.

HIGHER EDUCATION COURSES for companies and credit institutions
The growth of companies is closely related to the growth of entrepreneurs and their resources. It is with this high-level training service and continuous consultancy that Quanta Finanza transfers its skills in the managerial field. The issues addressed are decided on the basis of the customer’s needs and have the aim of making the company grow, providing internal staff with all the necessary resources to solve the problems related to treasury, improve the financial ratios, face risks and continue to create value.