The consultancy phase takes place after acknowledging and sharing the objective to be achieved and takes the form of the production of the quantitative model most suited to the operational needs of the applicant.

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The in-depth study of the issues developed led to the implementation of proprietary models based on random techniques (stochastic processes of the diffusive and jumps type, models with local volatility and stochastic volatility; finite or infinite dimensional models for hybrid products on interest rates and inflation; stochastic correlation models for the FX market) which, in addition to being scientifically proven through publication in international journals, have proved to be able to adapt effectively to the various business dynamics.

The field of study also includes the production of dedicated quantitative models concerning:

  • business plan drafting;
  • back testing and stress testing;
  • scenario analysis (Monte Carlo simulation);
  • attribution of risk levels (Value At Risk and other risk measures);
  • Credit risk (default risk assessment, corporate rating);
  • dynamic portfolio hedging strategy;
  • asset allocation;
  • evaluation of companies, company branches, etc .;
  • construction and implementation of actuarial models for finance and insurance.