We provide financial advice to Italian companies, through the design and implementation of mathematical-accounting and financial-actuarial models.

We provide companies with the transversal skills of the 3 partners and numerous collaborators, in the mathematical, financial and economic fields.

To grow client companies, modernize their internal management (even with dedicated software) and resolve any complexities.

“Quality people dedicated to transforming your company into a successful company”

Carlo Bertolazzi – CEO

Quanta Finanza
is the consulting firm of Carlo Bertolazzi and Bruno Giacomello active on quantitative, mathematical-actuarial and accounting-financial issues since 2003.
Quanta Finanza supports client companies in evaluating strategies and decision-making processes, to identify weak points, solve any problems and improve production standards.
Quanta Finanza offers support to companies through mathematical-financial analysis and consultancy, developing software to be implemented with the management programs already present in the company.

The construction of a model that represents the variables of a market, which takes into account the passage of time, which serves as an aid to predict the trend of revenue flows, which analyzes the improvement of a company’s balance sheet or which is used to calculate the pension of a worker who pays his contributions into a pension fund requires a careful scenario analysis that allows to take into account and represent the evolution of financial decisions and economic phenomena.

The in-depth study of the issues developed up to now has led to the implementation of some models based also on stochastic processes of a diffusive type which, in addition to being particularly effective, have proved capable of adapting to the various business dynamics.

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Quanta Finanza also boasts many years of reputed experience in calculating the overall burden in current account relationships, mortgages or leases, even in the case of direct and / or indirect connection with derivative contracts, as well as in the calculation of interest linked to compound interest. The consultancy, both for companies and for credit institutions, both in civil and criminal matters, after a careful preventive analysis, provide for the drafting of a technical report and assistance during all phases of the assignment, if necessary also in the litigation phase. In any case, the analysis of the relationships between companies and credit institutions is always carried out with a consultative perspective and a profitable and lasting maintenance of Bank / Company relationships and any litigation, both from the art of companies and intermediaries, is in any case considered the ‘last resort in case of non-settlement agreement between the parties.